About Us

About Us

Datco In Brief

 DATCO is an Egyptian, engineering company, founded in 1994. Being an agent and authorized distributor for worldwide market-leading brand names, allows DATCO to serve most of the industrial sector such as steel, cement, and paper industries; alongside the automotive sectors. DATCO’s teamwork firmly to guarantee an exceptional service to its customers throughout two administrative offices located in Cairo and Alexandria and another four product outlets located in Down Town Cairo, The Tenth of Ramadan, the Sixth of October City, and Alexandria.


Our Mission

We are the trusted agent and distributer for market leader brands. We deliver quality products with competitive edge to our dedicated industrial and automotive customers, who seek assets optimization.

Our mission is reducing production cost and improving customer revenues through the equation:

Total cost of ownership = Initial Cost + Running cost + Downtime Cost

  • Initial Cost -> Develop and provide cost-efficient supply facilities and agreements
  • Running cost -> Deliver premium product assortment and conduct product knowledge to our customers
  • Downtime Cost -> Offering reliable services related to our products portfolio

We promise our customers to perform with the essence of:

"We Truly Care"

Our Vision

Achieve sustainable area recognition for being one of the top three companies with exemplary reputation in providing quality products value added and efficiency supply concepts to the industrial and automotive business. “we will be driven by our core values while targeting our vision “  

Core Values

1-Make it Healthy:

  • We secure a stable career and a healthy working environment for the work team.
  • We constantly care for one another and treat with respect.

2- Ownership:

  • We make customer needs our own.
  • We are keen to gain frequent business with our customers.

3- Assertiveness for success:

  • We are working hands together towards one direction, persistent to achieve excellence.
  • Assertiveness is our key that unlocks success.

4- Integrity and professionalism:

  • We are ethically unyielding. Inspire trust by being honest, responsible, and dependable.
  • We do not offend one another, never talk behind the back, and treat negatives constructively.

“Positive attitude is our method in all communication levels”


Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for choosing DATCO to be your premier business partner. Your business is extremely important to us and we are committed to provide our services with genuine care; offer you assets, improvement opportunities, and numerous added values. Sincerely Yours