Rulmeca Group is the world’s largest supplier of rollers/idlers and motorized pulleys for heavy duty belt conveyors for quarries and mining applications, An Italian family owned company with more than 50 years’ experience in manufacturing and marketing of components for materials handling industries.

Rulmeca wide range of products:

  • Rollers (PSV, TOP, PL-PLF, MPS, RTL, Guide rollers)
  • Rollers with rubber rings (Impact rollers NA, Return rollers with rings NG or NL or NC, SELF cleaning rollers NM or NS)
  • Troughing sets (Upper or carrying, Return, Suspended “garland”, Self-centralising, Cantilevered sets )
  • Pulleys (Drive pulleys Series USC drive, Idler Pulleys Series USF idler pulleys &CUF idler pulleys with incorporated bearings, Screw tension Pulleys & special pulleys)
  • Motorized Pulleys Compact, totally enclosed, resistant to dust, water, oil and harmful substances
  • Covers series – CPTA in steel & CPT in PVC
  • Impact bars used at the loading point of the conveyor under the hopper
  • Belt cleaners (Type P Type R Type H Type D) & Scrapers with Polyurethane blades