Our Services


  • Shell Lube Analyst

Shell LubeAnalyst reports provide a detailed analysis of your equipment. Not only will you receive the test results, you will also get diagnosis which explains the different values and gives advice specifically tailored for your machinery.  You will also receive graphs showing the trends for each test element. Analysis is done in third party SGS labs in France and results are sent directly to you.


  • Shell LubeAdvisor

Shell LubeAdvisor service is delivered through highly trained technical staff to ensure that you use the right Shell oil, at the right time, every time. By helping you improve the lubrication and maintenance practice of your equipment and vehicles, significant benefits can be achieved, such as increasing productivity and limiting downtime.

  • Shell LubeCoach

Shell LubeCoach is a quality training program, delivered by technical experts with substantial field-based experience, specifically designed to empower your staff to deliver the benefits of a well designed lubrication plan. The course content is modular and specifically designed to suit your needs and those of your staff.


  • DVR

Demonstrated Value Records (DVRs) are formal testimonials and genuine proof of a customer who, by using Shell Lubricants, has saved money. DVR leaflets give specific details of that customer's lubricant usage to demonstrate the actual amount of money that they have saved. We have successfully signed several DVR’s with several of our top customers with documented savings per customer in excess of 150,000 EGP per year.






  • Vibration analysis at the customer site

Rotating and reciprocating machine vibration is one of the most common machine condition detection techniques utilized in industry today. Our team collects and analyzes the data using existing online systems or handheld systems that allows them to formulate an accurate picture of the machine condition and accordingly deliver comprehensive reports detailing required actions for said equipment


  • Mounting and dismounting services

Anti-friction, rolling bearings are manufacture with very high precision and require specific handling, storage, mounting and dismounting tools and techniques. We offer professional mounting and dismounting services to our customers through highly skilled and qualified engineers.





  • Alignment services

Misalignment was found to increase power consumption by up to 30%, this clearly shows that correct aligning of equipment and insuring the correct positioning is maintained; significantly improves machine uptime, component lifetime and saves energy. Our alignment experts use the latest in laser alignment technology and are capable of performing all equipment alignment jobs.





  • Cord Condition Monitoring CCM

The CONTI Inspect series comprises Cord Condition Monitoring (CONTI CordInspect), Belt Thickness Measurement (CONTI WearInspect) and Belt Surface Inspection (CONTI SurfaceInspect). These systems are mobile and can be used flexibly. A detailed report of the inspection is generated which provides a precise description of the abrasive wear, damage to the belt surface and the state of the tensile carrier.




  • Installation of ABB smart sensors

ABB new solution enables almost all LV motors to be remotely monitored and provides vital motor performance intelligence that helps improve uptime, extend motor lifetimes, and increase machine performance and productivity. It connects motors with the Internet of Things.






We deliver accurate belt tension measurement without delay, applicable to a V-belt, a multi ribbed belt or a synchronous belt.






An aligned pulley system reduces both pulley and belt wear, and reduces equipment vibration, which in turn leads to improved machine performance. Proper pulley alignment reduces unscheduled downtime, and improves the reliability of your equipment