• Vibration analysis at the customer site
    Rotating and reciprocating machine vibration is one of the most common machine condition detection techniques utilized in industry today. Our team collects and analyzes the data using existing online systems or handheld systems that allows them to formulate an accurate picture of the machine condition and accordingly deliver comprehensive reports detailing required actions for said equipment


  • Mounting and dismounting services
    Anti-friction, rolling bearings are manufacture with very high precision and require specific handling, storage, mounting and dismounting tools and techniques. We offer professional mounting and dismounting services to our customers through highly skilled and qualified engineers.


  • Alignment services
    Misalignment was found to increase power consumption by up to 30%, this clearly shows that correct aligning of equipment and insuring the correct positioning is maintained; significantly improves machine uptime, component lifetime and saves energy. Our alignment experts use the latest in laser alignment technology and are capable of performing all equipment alignment jobs.